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20/20 Vision Center has been providing high-quality service to the people of Tupelo since 2006. You can depend on us to give you great eye care services every time you visit us. Ensure your family receives quality eye care when they need it by calling us.

  • Optometrist on sight

  • Comprehensive eye exams

  • Treat various ocular diseases

  • Allergies and foreign body removals

Personalized optical service

  • Glaucoma and eye infections

  • Diabetic eye exams

  • Pre- and post-op corrective vision

  • Cataract surgery care

Efficient eye care services for you

From getting you the right eyeglasses to making sure your contact lenses fit properly, we do pretty much everything except for surgery.

Comprehensive eye care from experienced professionals

Trust in our complete optical services

We accept most insurances. Call us today!